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Ottawa, ONT., Canada,

Dear Mr. Arnold ,

Welcome to e-Court Canada Online ! Thank you for subscribing as a CA Mediator Temporary member.

We're thrilled to welcome you to our ever increasing e-Court Canada family. We hope you're enjoying your new membership and that your first "drive" exceed all your expectations. We'd like you to know that our relationship does not end once you checked your temporary membership features and consider our full membership to unlock all our services.

Now that you are one of us, there's a whole world of resources available to you, from how-to-videos, to a network of local, Canada-wide and even international ( in more than #40 countries ) who are ready to assist you with all your social & conflict resolution needs.

In these days people should be naturally vigilant about security. Please rest assured that e-Court has taken all measures to safeguard your information. Our website is heavily protected like internet banking with leading banking institutions. A SSL Digital Certificate by GoDaddy is installed on the web site, users can see a green padlock icon in the command bar. SSL certificates are build on the existing SSL certificate format, but provides an additional layer of protection in a strictly defined issuance process created to ensure that the certificate holder is who they claim to be. View Video. "Our websites such as e-court.co.nl are secured by 256-bit SSL security and tested "daily". Last but not least, access to your personal member panel is linked to your own "unique" IP address to avoid any third party to have access to your personal sensitive data."

As stated in the introduction page we asked a few important questions : " Can you perform Mediation in an electronic venue ? Can you bring the parties together in an environment where parties can freely, confidentially present their position ? Can you simply help to facilitate discussion, suggest a just arbitrary decision which eventually resolves a dispute? Then you are the professional Mediator e-Court needs." But equally important is our statement that : "All participating professionals are thoroughly vetted." The vetting procedures will commence once you enroll in our membership with "Full Privileges" status ( see below ). Generally speaking this process can be completed within one week.

During the interim period of your Temporary membership we urge you to look around. We are certain you will not be disappointed about the multitude of services we can offer the professional Mediator. We look forward to a long lasting relationship.

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Thank you,

Huibert.H.W. Arnold
President & CEO of e-Court.us Legal Services International Inc
Ottawa, ONT., Canada


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