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Thanks Donna, I look forward to receiving the presentation.
An optimistic note: winter is almost over
Cheers, Huibert

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We'll get it done. Thanks.
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Hello Donna & Daniel,

I hope life in treating you well and that you are in the mood to  help me with a short presentation
re: http://e-court.ca/index2.html

I have US $150 in my budget and would much appreciate if you let me  know if Donna can be the video spokesperson in her usual "charming"  demeanour ( and if possible same 'conservative" dress as in previous  videos - see http://myirishlodge.com/5GHB&B9.html ) to follow the  below script :


Hello, I am Heather, a Business Development Officer with e-Court  Services International.

In most western democracies, we are facing an increasingly  complicated society. It is therefore no surprise that the legal  system across the nation gets clogged up, especially where it  regards civil and common law areas.<pauze> The waiting time for  trial can be anywhere from six months to three years or longer. Even  Small Claims Courts when providing a resolution for simple cases  will take you the better part of a year to go through the entire  process i.e have your trial and get judgement.<pauze> Collecting  adds further delay and is an entirely different story, ..... it is  by no means the easiest undertaking both in terms of additional  expense and duration.<pauze>

Apart from the unacceptable time it takes to find judgement in  regular government courts, the actual litigation process also adds a  mystique for many people and makes the entire process through the  traditional courts a very frustrating and intimidating experience to  the layperson.<pauze>

In recognition, e-Court has been introduced to provide, largely via  the Internet, competent, affordable, simple and speedy justice.  e- Court also provides an uniform litigation system throughout the  nation without the need to understand the pecularities existing in  each area state, provincial or county legislative system. We  encourage you to read about e-Court in the following pages. You  shall not be dissappointed. Join e-Court with the knowledge that  legal justice is rendered with prior knowledge of expense and  duration.

Thank you.



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